Our Secret Sauce

Why settle for inefficiency and limitations, when you can have it all! EZ Flipbook Creator online software allows users to create flipbooks from scratch or from existing PDF or Word Files. In addition to Video embedding, ability to sell or embed your flipbook on external pages here are a few more features: 

  • PDF/images to flipbook in minutes.
  • Powerful Page Layout Editor to make your life easy.
  • Customize Skins
  • Upload your own Skins.  (PRO)
  • Play Music Tracks. (PRO)
  • Able to link your Flipbook to a custom domain
  • Add Pages to Converted PDF flipbooks.(PRO)
  • Convert PDF files up to 50 pages into Flipbooks.
  • Convert Word files up to 50 pages into Flipbooks.
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in pages or as popups.
  • BLUR your pages to tease the viewer for purchase (PRO)
  • Attach Downloadable files. (PRO)
  • Export your Flipbook to PDF anytime.(PRO)
  • Mix and Match Text Pages with Video Pages and Images
  • Batch uploading of Images and Photos.
  • Online Cropping Tool for Imported and Uploaded Images.
  • Integrate Google AdSense and add advertising banner.
  • Allows selling of publications on EZFlipbook marketplace. (PRO)

Built for Today


The flipbooks created with EZ Flipbook Creator are created in HTML5, making them fully compatible with all modern web browsers out there. Once a book has been created it can be opened and interacted with in any device including a computer, iPhone and iPad.

The desktop tool offers a wide range of options that help users in creating unique flipbooks just the way they want. They get access to templates, themes, design settings, tools to easily create interactive table of contents, scenes including clouds, leaves, textures and more. Animations can also created and added to flipbooks. The animations are added in real-time and can greatly improve the engagement for the readers of your content.


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